My (Failed) Pinwheel Cookies


I’m coming with burnt smell. -____-

Actually, this is not the first time I bake. But, this is the first time I make some baking by myself. Today, I’m trying to make Pinwheel Cookies. Something like this


I get the recipe from

The recipe was no-bake pinwheel cookies. That’s good b’cuz I don’t have an oven in my kitchen. The first time I saw the tutorial video, I think the procedures were easy and the ingredients were easy. So, I try to make some.

Everything goes well until I find the dough was too watery. So, I put more flour and continued mixing. After The dough ready, I rolled it on a plastic and I waiting for about 2 hours (more). Two hours later, I can see my dough become oily. Eww~ I hate oil! That time I knew that I failed.

Even so, I still continued the procedures. And Finally, my expectation was not like what happening in reality.

Those should be something like this


But those turn out like burnt fried fries





Maybe I put too much butter into the dough or I spread too much sugar above the dough. But those smell nice, like a chocolate (from the chocolate powder).

I (really) have no skill in the kitchen. Sorry, Mom~ -_____-

At least I learnt something. Maybe next time, I’ll make another one. 🙂

Fighting, Ganbarooooooo!!!

Credit picture to

Tengkyu very kamsa.


Ranifa Billy


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