Hello, dear whoever you are. ^^

I’m back! But I didn’t bring any stories today. When did the last time I post story? Have I already post story this year?

So, guys(?), I want to let you know (if you want to know -____-), that I’m an inactive author/admin, even though this is my personal wordpress. I just come here when I want to post something (stories) or read any article(s).

Mostly, I posted a short story and fanfiction. All fanfiction I posted here were KrisHan/KrisLu/FanHan fanfiction only. And I wrote it all in Bahasa. I’m Indonesian, FYI. I’ve tried to write one in English, so international reader can read it too (what the, international reader? just in your wildest(?) dream -_____-) but it come out terrible.

Maybe, I’ll take a hiatus, since I don’t have any idea, recently. And I’ve took another ‘ship’ this year. If last time I was on KrisHan/KrisLu/FanHan Ship, now I’m on SeungHan/CoupsHan Ship. A-YO, Seventeen fans and CoupsHan shipper! ^^

I think, SeungHan relationship just look alike FanHan. They’re adorable and make me smile all the time like an idiot. And maybe I’ll write fanfiction about them (featuring FanHan as parent, keke) some other time. Ofc I’ll write it in Bahasa.

So, see you in another story with another character and pairing.

*heart* Ranifa Billy


3 thoughts on “Hello~

  1. Well this is kinda sad, are you really want to quite to writing KrisHan stories (come one tell me this is not true T.T) actually I didn’t have any problem if you are shipping another couple, but please keep continue to writing KrisHan.

    I know this is your blog, this is your life and I didn’t have any argue to rude your life. The only thing I want is you keep writing KrisHan stories, I don’t care if it was ineshot, twoshot or whatever you like as long as KrisHan is the main character I would like it so much T.T

    Being a KrisHan shipper is so struggle you know, there is not much KrisHan fiction especially in Bahasa. And I’m really appreciated you so much if you will keep writing KrisHan beside your new favorite couple

    I am really really sorry if my comment is makes you feel so bad. I just came here to check wheter you update a new KrisHan story or no and I find this heart breaking letter T.T

    1. Omaigat! I dont know if someone will respond this. Firstly, Thank you~
      Second, actually, you misinterpret this. Really, I dont mean to quit writing KrisHan/KrisLu/FanHan fanfiction. I just want to take a break until I have any idea to write one.
      And about I took another ‘ship’, it doesnt mean that I’m not FanHan shipper anymore. I just add a new OTP on my list, keke~
      So, dont worry. I’m still FanHan shipper, and I’ll write and post a KrisHan/KrisLu/FanHan fanfiction if I have an idea. imidiately! ^^
      If you want to read my another KrisHan/KrisLu/FanHan fanfiction, you can click on my archive(s) at 2014. I’ve posted my old fanfiction about them. Two stories if i’m not mistaken. *promoting* 😀
      Lastly, thank you so much for waiting for my another stories. You’ve touched me. Really. 😀

      *heart* Ranifa Billy

  2. Okaayyy Author-nim, well I am so sorry if my comment is kinda childish, maybe I’m just affraid to lose KHS because you know very well how much KHS in Indonesia -_- it was so little and more little if there is any someone want to leave KrisHan T.T. it will be breaking my heart if I know those fans are leaving KrisHan.

    Thank you so much Author-nim, I hope you can have a lot of idea to making a good fiction *especially KrisHan* ^^ XD

    Okay I will check it if I am not busy hehe

    Thank you once again and Fighting !!!

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