Hello, my dear readers–wherever you are. This isn’t an update, I’m coming with a bad news. ㅠㅠ Since my laptop is broken, I can’t continue writting my story(es). I’m writting this using my smartphone, btw, and it’s so difficult typing a long paragraph(s). *sobs* You guys have a rights to ‘hate’ me for being not […]

Talking about FanHan/KrisHan/KrisLu : A Moments Analysis or Nostalgia? (part 2)

Part 2 Hello~ I’m here, in this section again. Sorry about the pending story(es). I’m just freed from my hectic tasks and reports (when I continue this). Just wait till another tasks and reports coming to my lifetime(?) -____- Okay, so, let’s discuss next part of our beloved Visual Parent(?), FanHan’s moment analysis (or nostalgia).  […]