Hello, my dear readers–wherever you are. This isn’t an update, I’m coming with a bad news. ㅠㅠ

Since my laptop is broken, I can’t continue writting my story(es). I’m writting this using my smartphone, btw, and it’s so difficult typing a long paragraph(s). *sobs*

You guys have a rights to ‘hate’ me for being not responsible (about my stories). My fault. I’m so sorry~~ Promise, I will update my story when my laptop had recovered(?). *aegyo*

Oh, and maybe, this will be a long hiatus, since I will have a final exam next week (for two weeks later). Sorry (again). Writting an apologize posting makes me sad. I really want to share my story(es) asap, but problems keep coming. I hope you still waiting for me.

At last, Happy Ramadhan (for my moslem readers) └(^o^)┘


Big Heart,

Ranifa Billy


One thought on “Hiatusㅠㅠ

  1. Why Ranifa-ssi? T.T well I hope your lappy is okay asap and I’m begging u please doin your best for update even you must sriting on your phone please Ranifa. Fighting!!

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